Cricut Contributing Artist series: Kai Pham (Kukai Art)

September 7, 2023

Meet Kai Pham, an artistic dynamo from Vietnam who has an incredible knack for design. What’s particularly awe-inspiring about today’s featured artist is how Cricut has become a conduit for creativity, uniting individuals from every corner of the globe. From the bustling streets of Vietnam to craft rooms worldwide, their art resonates with diverse backgrounds. Join us in this rapid-fire Q&A session as we dive into their creative process and proudest moments and uncover their favorite Cricut go-to.

Where did your artistic journey begin?

I was always creative and artistically inclined. However, my formal artist journey started in 2004 when I created branding and digital marketing for some big brands in Vietnam, such as Unilever, Pepsi, Copal, and FrieslandCampina. I have an artistic eye and a strong passion for design. I’ve been in Envato’s top 10 designers since 2014!

How did you discover the Cricut Contributing Artist Program?

I discovered Cricut via another platform as everyone was buying Cricut SVGs, and I wanted to know what it was for. The fact that you can take this machine and create unlimited possibilities is not a small feat! I love seeing what everyone makes and how it brings such joy to their lives. Additionally, I love that Cricut is such a diverse company. I live in Vietnam, yet I can create art that will be used all over the world by people of all different backgrounds. Art has a fantastic power to bring us all together.

What does creativity mean to you?

In my experience, creativity can’t be described, only felt by others when they are ready to receive the inspiration. What I love about Cricut is Cricut users can take the art and turn it into something tangible for themselves. It’s a fantastic ecosystem.

What is your favorite image in your library?

I think Image #M47A907CD.

I realize it’s a simple image, but so many people use this image and are inspired by the color scheme. Sometimes, a simple design is the best design. Everyone has different experiences; we never know what will speak to them.

What is your proudest achievement?

I’ve been a top 10 Envato designer since 2014! When I first joined the Envato community (almost ten years ago), I had to compete with many good people, over 1 million designers! after continuous learning efforts. I ranked in the top 5 bestsellers from 2014 to 2020. Because of this achievement, I now have more time and energy to care for my small family, which is my other life achievement.

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Describe yourself using a color.

I would describe myself as Indigo Blue because I value introspection, spirituality, and a deeper understanding of the world. I trust my intuition, cherish moments of creativity, and appreciate moments of solitude for personal growth. I have a certain enigmatic quality, and I’m unafraid to express my authentic self. I seek balance, value empathy, and envision a more meaningful future. Indigo Blue resonates with the essence of who I am.

Favorite Cricut products and why?

I love the Cricut Maker® 3. The piece of code and its 13 tools are amazing. The fact that you can take this machine and create unlimited possibilities is not a small feat!

Dive into Kai’s Design Space profile to find endless inspiration! Show us what you make with Kai’s designs, and make sure to tag #cricut on social.

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