Cricut Contributing Artist Series: Beck McCormick

July 14, 2023

Beck McCormick, a talented handlettering artist from California, has been fascinated by typography and lettering since childhood. She was constantly experimenting with her own handwriting and evolving her style, and as her lettering skills improved, she turned her passion into a thriving business. In this artist spotlight, we delve into Beck’s inspiring journey and discover the beauty of handlettering.

How did you find Cricut, and why did you decide to join the Contributing Artist Program?

I’ve been designing handlettered SVG files for a few years now, and have been a Cricut user, as well! I decided to join the Contributing Artist Program, because it seemed like there were so few handlettered SVGs available to subscribers and I wanted to put my creations out into the Design Space world!

Where did your artistic journey begin?

I’ve always been interested in handlettering and beautiful handwriting, even as a child! I always changed up my own handwriting in school and explored different styles. I always felt like I wasn’t much of an artist, as far as drawing beautiful scenes or cute animals, but I could do something with letters. It wasn’t until about 2014 that I started working in the design industry as a brand designer, and a few short years after that, I learned font design and also launched handlettered SVGs. I’ve been fortunate enough to focus solely on being a handlettering artist since 2017.

What does creativity mean to you?

My business profile has always says, “I make letters for a living, and I think that is badass.” It’s so true. I create for a living.

Creativity is everything I want out of a career and life path! I love making things, but more than that, I love learning & experimenting. Creativity gives me the freedom to explore various aesthetics & styles, and the flexibility to mold and shape those over time. I feel like there is nothing off limits when you’re working creatively – I truly love doing whatever the heck I want to do, just to see if it works, looks good, or makes me happy! I wake up every day excited to work.

Creativity allows me to toe the line, create things that maybe people are looking for, but can’t find, because it’s a little off-color or maybe a little dark…but also work in areas that are very common and well-loved by the masses. I think that allowing myself to branch into those areas and create things that *I* would want, but also create things that others would want, is incredibly motivating and inspiring. I feel like because I’m not pigeon-holed into a single audience because of the wide variety of options I provide, I get to be way more creative.

Who or what inspires you to create, and why?

Is it cliche to say my family?! They’ve been my biggest supporters over the years. When I was adamant that I would start my own creative business, they stood behind me. When I decided I wanted to make handlettering work as my full time job, I had their support. Being able to share my successes & creations with them means so much. I do what I do because I love it, but I also do it because it allows me to provide for them, spend time with them, and always be there for them. That is extremely motivating & inspiring to me, so I want to continue on that path for them!

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What is your favorite type of craft?

I have to admit that even though I’m a Cricut owner, I’m not a huge crafter. Don’t hate me!! I do spend the vast majority of my time creating files for other people to use because that’s ultimately what brings me the most joy. That said, my absolute favorite projects so far have been quotes for tote bags – I think that it’s really appealing to me because totes are so functional and useful, but jazzing them up with something funny & sassy makes it so much more fun to use. I’ll even say, one of the reasons why I enjoy the tote bag designs so much is because I get asked about them when I’m using them! It’s always so fun to tell people that I didn’t buy it – I *made* it!

What word would you use to describe your design style?

Dynamic. I know that my handlettering is often distinctive and recognizable to me, but I am always on a mission to try new things, new techniques, and new styles. The result is a selection of pieces that may vary a bit aesthetically, but still remain true to my own unique style.

Do you collect anything?

Smashed pennies or other coins! I enjoy traveling with my family, and I’m always on the lookout for these machines. Believe it or not, I’ve even found a few similar souvenirs in Europe! I’ve been collecting them since I was a little girl, and most recently added some Seattle pennies to my collection from Spring Break.

Are you a clean or messy person?

Clean, all the way, and I feel like that actually gets reflected in my artwork. Pretty much everything you’ll see from me is going to be neat, tidy, and probably in a single color (more often than not, black). I think it’s a simple aesthetic, which really matches what I like my creative spaces to look like. On a related note about cleanliness, my family also has two huskies, so it’s dog hair central. Clean is an integral and absolutely necessary part of my daily routine, so I think the orderliness bleeds over into my creativity, too! 🙂

What is your favorite family tradition?

My family has a lot of Scots, English, & Irish heritage, and my Gram always made a point to say “White Rabbits!” at the start of every month. It’s apparently been a tradition handed down through the generations, and it’s turned into a rowdy tradition for my own family. With our kids being adult (or near adult) now, we engage in White Rabbits battles via text and sometimes call — it’s always a race to see who gets the first one in. Tradition says that the first person to say “White Rabbits!” to others will have good luck for the month. After my Gram passed, I made sure I got a white rabbit tattoo in her memory. (I also tell my family that I win every White Rabbits battle from this point forward since I have a permanent one.)

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