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It's fun, easy & free to apply for the Cricut
Contributing Artist Program.
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Membership Terms.This link will redirect you to the footnote with a title Program Membership Terms will be confidentially provided to you after a successful application acceptance.1

Why you'll love it.

Here's why artists choose the Cricut Contributing Artist Program.

Monthly Payments

Connect to your Stripe account for easy cash payouts.

No Exclusivity

Cricut doesn't own your work. You can sell it elsewhere, too.


See how your artwork is performing with Cricut members.

Global Recognition

Reach more than 8 million Cricut members worldwide.

No Downloads

Cricut members can only use your artwork in Design Space.

Artist Perks

Think artist-only webinars, contests, discounts & more.2

How do I earn money?

You get monthly payments based on the following.

1. Artwork Performance

Earn when Cricut members cut your artwork.

2. 50% Royalty on Purchases

We split a la carte artwork purchases with you 50/50.

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Artist Testimonials

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Heather Roberts San Antonio, TX, USA
Vanessa - DIY Craft Tutorials Melbourne, Australia
Polina Ivanova Sofia, Bulgaria
Nawras Salih Ontario, Canada
Erica Digital Design Genoa, Italy
Helen Barlow Manchester, United Kingdom
Valentina Scuteri Lecco, Italy
Suse Wagner Aachen, Germany
Crystal Allen Vancouver, Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s our design app that powers every Cricut cutting machine. Learn more about it here.

Cricut Access is our in-app subscription that grants subscribers access to an ever-growing library of pro-level images, fonts, and ready-to-customize projects.

No, you don’t need a machine to qualify for the Contributing Artist Program. You may find that it’s easier to optimize your artwork for Cricut machines if you understand how they work.

Complete the application sign-up process below – it only takes 5 minutes. Make sure you have a link to your portfolio (Instagram works, too) and 3 SVG files ready to upload. Do make sure you read through our tips before you apply so you know exactly what we’re looking for.

Yes! We work with artists from around the globe.


Artists that create original SVG designs in Adobe Illustrator, or similar software, should apply. This program was created for artists who know how to create original artwork, and want to share their talents on Design Space.

This program is not for people who enjoy creating projects using existing Design Space images. We still want you to share your creativity, but we recommend you share them via community projects in Design Space.

Since all artwork in Design Space is optimized for Cricut cutting machines, we have to ensure your submissions are compatible, too. We look at file types, design complexity, and other criteria to make sure your artwork will be compatible with our machines.

We evaluate your application based on 3 main criteria:

  1. Technical ability. Art submitted needs to be translated to Cricut cutting machines. Therefore, the technical nature of how the art is set up is a crucial component. Artwork will be cut, drawn, foiled, or even engraved into materials by Cricut machines. ​(Tip: To create Cricut-friendly, scalable artwork, avoid extremely thin lines, use no more than 6 colors, and outline all fonts, paths, and strokes.)
  2. Design aesthetic and proficiency. During the artwork review process, we’ll consider your application of design principles, including the use of color, spacing, and typography. Make sure your SVGs match your portfolio as well. We want to make sure you are the original creator of the artwork.
  3. Visual Clarity. Art must make sense on its own without further explanation, i.e., a cat needs to look like a cat. In addition, SVGs design must make sense on its own. Any image that requires explanation is a project, and we are currently not accepting projects. 

In addition, please do not submit art that is inspired or similar to licensed content (i.e., Disney, Marvel, etc.), as this will result in automatic rejection from the program.

We do not need professional portfolios, but we have a couple of tips to help you stand out.

  • Make sure your portfolio showcases your original artwork. While we love seeing your crafts, we want to review your art for this program. 
  • Make sure the SVGs you submit match the style of your portfolio. We want to verify that your art is original.
  • Instagram profiles are fine, but please make sure it’s public. 
  • Since the Contributing Artist Program is a visual medium, please do not use YouTube as a portfolio.

Currently, the Contributing Artist Program is ONLY accepting single-image SVGs. If you submit projects, we will unfortunately have to reject you. Please read the file type explanation below so you don’t get automatically rejected.

File Types

  • Single-Operation Images: An SVG file with a single operation (e.g., cut only vector file). The file may include multiple layers and/or colors, but only one operation.
  • Multi-Operation Images: A file with multiple operations (e.g., cut and draw, score, foil, print-then-cut (rasterized) PNGs, etc.).
  • Project:A complex file that can be made by itself or as part of a larger project. Requires assembly or instructions or photography (i.e., 3D objects like flowers or boxes, cards, envelopes, and anything that isn’t easily identifiable from the cut file image.)
  • Font: Keyboard compatible files (i.e., OTF, TTF, etc.)

We will let you know when we start accepting new formats.

Our goal is to get back to all applicants with a decision within 10 business days. We hope to be faster, but we want to make sure we review each application carefully depending on how many applications we get.

Take some time to review our application criteria and tips, and you may reapply in 3 months. Please note, you can only apply twice in a one year period.


No – the program is free for artists. When transferring earnings from Stripe to your bank account, however, nominal charges may apply.

Your earned income will depend on the following:

  1. Artwork performance. You earn when Cricut Access subscribers use your artwork. The more subscribers who use your artwork, the more you earn. Amount is determined by measuring usage across all Cricut Access artwork.
  2. 50% royalty on a la carte purchases. Cricut members who do not have a Cricut Access subscription can use your artwork with a la carte purchases.

* Funds to pay artists in the Contributing Artist Program come from a budgeted portion of our Cricut Access subscription revenue, which may change from time to time. See Program Membership Terms for details.1

Artists will paid via Stripe. As part of your onboarding process for the program, you had to create a Stripe account. Click here to log into your Stripe dashboard.

You will get paid monthly. Payments are transferred into your Stripe account on, or before, the 15th of the following month.

Content Management

No, Cricut does not own your artwork. You can sell your artwork elsewhere, too. Keep in mind that once your artwork is submitted and approved though, it will remain in Design Space.

Once you’re approved to be in the Contributing Artist Program, you can log into our Artist Portal. From there, you can submit artwork for approval, name and categorize your files, and see how your artwork is performing.

You can upload as much artwork as you want, as long as it is yours, and you have the rights to do so. Content that violates third-party intellectual property rights is not allowed and will be removed.

Currently, the Contributing Artist Program is ONLY accepting single-image SVGs. We will let you know when we start accepting new formats.

No, your artwork will only be used by Cricut members in Design Space; however, your artwork submissions may fall under our Angel Policy in the future. This would potentially allow Cricut members to put your artwork on items they can sell.3

No, and here’s why: Approved artwork lives in the Cricut library in the cloud. Because after Cricut members use the artwork to build projects, it’s required to stay there. For that reason, requests to delete artwork unfortunately cannot be honored.

We can't wait to see your artwork.

  1. Program Membership Terms will be confidentially provided to you after a successful application acceptance.
  2. Cricut reserves the right to cancel or limit discounts in its sole discretion at any time.
  3. Cricut reserves the right to enforce its Angel Policy, but it remains your obligation to monitor and enforce in all open marketplaces.


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